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Licence My Pictures

Website Use

You are welcome to use the images on this website, free of charge, provided you credit the source with a hyperlinked byline like this - Photo © MavericksBigAdventure.com

Direct from the photographer

For a small payment of just 17pounds (GBP), or the equivalent in any currency, I will provide you with a download link for the full size file for any use including print. Just contact me and let me know which picture(s) you want.

You can do anything you want with the picture except resell or relicense the digital file. You are welcome to make multiple prints and sell those if you wish. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to use the image legally.

Or you can licence the image through the Alamy Image Libray.

This method gives you access to thousands of my images that are not shown on this website as well as being able to use their professional licencing proceedures.

All the photographs on this page are copyright Jack Cox, all rights reserved,
however you are very welcome to use them on your own website,
free of charge, in exchange for a backlink. Other rights also available Click here for details.