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Typical house sitting gig in Spain
Typical house sitting gig in Spain

Travel the world for free as a House Sitter

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Have you ever thought of becoming a house sitter?

House sitting is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a homeowner and a house sitter which gives the owner the freedom and peace of mind of being able leave the property and pets in the care of a responsible person for an agreed period of time. Are you a responsible person?

If so you could soon me staying in some wonderful properties around the world rent free, or at a greatly reduced in rent. In some cases you could even get paid to stay there. The homeowners are happy. They are getting their animals looked after without having to pay to put them in kennels or a cattery and their homes and plants are getting taken care of into the bargain. You may be asked to forward on any mail that arrives. That's usually about it although some basic gardening may also be required.

In the majority of cases no money changes hands either way.

Your job is to make sure someone's house looks lived in as this tends to deter intruders, keep in clean and tidy and behave responsibly. It's that simple. You only have one job so don't mess this up. Always leave the property better than you found it. Your reputation and your chance of ever getting another house sitting gig depends on this.

House sits can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, and occasionally even longer.

You can choose whether you want to stay close to home or use house sitting as a way of traveling the world and seeing new places. How cool is that?

It's usually called 'house sitting' although you may be asked to mind an apartment or even a luxury estate or a smallholding.

Becoming a house sitter can save you thousands of pounds, euros or dollars on travel and accommodations. By making yourself available to a home owner as a house sitter, you are giving them an invaluable service. Home owners can leave their residence knowing they are leaving it in capable hands. House sitters may be asked to perform routine things such as pet care, gardening, or even scheduling a home repair if the need arises. You may be asked to forward mail, relay phone messages or take a pet to a scheduled vet visit. House sits range in duration. Some may be for a week, while others may be for a month, or more. The requirements are minimal when you compare it to what you receive.

Becoming a house sitter is a fairly easy process. Just visit HouseCarers.com on the Internet and for a price that is less than an evening meal out, you can register as a house sitter for an entire year. You will be given 30 full lines to describe yourself. You can list multiple locations where you are available to house sit, along with the dates you are available. You can even use the sample ad that is listed on the site to guide you in writing your personal information.

The information you enter is instantly available to prospective home owners who are seeking out a house sitter. At any time you can go in and update your profile, change your destination areas or dates, and all of it is free of charge. When house sits become available in your chosen areas, you will receive notification via email. You will also be notified when you have messages from prospective homeowners in your chosen areas. Your identity and personal information are kept confidential and it is only revealed to a home owner when you are comfortable.

Other well known house sitting agencies include:


Have fun!

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