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Maverick's Big Adventure The Rock of Gibraltar
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Just a few pictures from my many visits to Gibraltar over several years.
I love this place. I even got married here once to a gorgeous alcoholic who I just couldn't live with any longer but will miss until the end of my days. Such is life.

It's funny, but everyone seems to remember where they were when the big history changing events happen.

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I remember when John F. Kennedy was shot. I had just got home from a Scout meeting. I still had my Scout uniform on. And my parents told me that the American president had just been shot.

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And I remember a lot more recently where I was when I learnt that the good guys had won the Brexit referendum and that Britain was going to be a free and independent nation once again.

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I was on my then girlfriend's sofa in her house in Leicestershire. Of course I knew it wasn't going be that easy. They weren't really going to let us have democracy. The Globalist Elite still run the world after all and if voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.

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And I remember well where I was for 9/11. I keep getting confused by that. I keep thinking it's November. It wasn't, it's the other way around. The Americans do it the other way around. It was the 11th day of the 9th month. So that would that have been September? I think that's right.

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Julia and I were in a little cafe in Main Street, Gibraltar. My girlfriend at the time, soon to become my wife, Julia, was there with me. It was a working trip but we were having a happy day. We were together and we were very much in love.

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Back in those days people were still writing to each other, actual physical letters. Only a few had email.

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We had a little business we ran together and we had thousands, about 4000 I think it was, letters we had to send out, mostly to the UK.

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We were living in Spain. But it was cheaper and a lot easier to take all those letters to the post office in Gibraltar, where we could frank them. We wouldn't have to stick stamps on and it was a brilliant system.

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So we had been in the post office all morning franking letters, and were now off for a hard earned meal.

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We'd found a little cafe at the top end of Main Street. We'd ordered our food and were now sitting at the table waiting for it to come, gazing aimlessly at the TV set in the corner. And we saw these horrific pictures of these planes hitting these commercial towers in New York.

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We sort of walked back to the car after that in a bit of a daze not sure what to say to each other. I'd don't even remember if we finished our meal or not. Probably not. Nearly 3000 people killed and twice that many injured. We couldn't really take it in.

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These Islamist attacks are becoming commonplace now but back then we were really shocked. We just couldn't understand how people could be so wicked to each other. So much hate.

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That was my first time on The Rock but it certainly wasn't my last. I do love Gibraltar.

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It's one of those marmite places. You either love it or you hate it. And I love it, in small doses. Couldn't stay there for more than two or three days at a time though, it's too claustrophobic. But it's a fascinating place for a short visit. So whether you come for the shopping, free of VAT, for the great bars and restaurants, the boat trips to see the dolphins, the Upper Rock Nature Reserve with it's famous apes, The Great Siege Tunnels or St. Michael's Cave with its curious stalactite formations, you will have a great time, guaranteed.

Footnote: This was my first ever blog post, written in 2001 and updated in 2019.

When I started I intend to write a travel blog but I am also interested in other things, so I have written about those too.

As you will have already noticed, I have strong political ideas. Being neither left wing nor right wing, and certainly not stuck somewhere in the middle, my position it hard for many people to understand.

Many of my ideas are original but where I borrow them from others I take them from anywhere. So please don't try to classify me accordingly to the highly over-simplistic straight line, left, right, centre model of politics that you may be accustomed to. I just don't fit into that model. Could be another reason people call me Maverick.

So what are my political views? As you might expect from a maverick like me, they don't fit neatly into any predefined pigeonhole

Basically I believe in kindness; and freedom and independence for all nations and all people everywhere. This does not mean isolationism but rather free, independent nations cooperating together informally in friendship and mutual respect.

I am all for open borders but only on the strict understanding that it is always the responsibility of the newcomer to fit in with the people who were there before them. The established population should never be expected to change their ways to suit newcomers. That's the only way this open borders idea can work

The thing that is causing so much hostility to open border policies is multiculturalism. This was a crazy, ill-conceived idea in the first place. Each nation already has it's own beautiful, unique culture and newcomers must respect it. Multi-ethnic societies can work fine but multiculturalism will never succeed.

I believe in Universal Equality. The same rules must apply to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender or a hole plethora of other criteria

Laws should be equally applied to everyone. Police officers and judges should be trained to make decisions based on what the accused person has actually done, not on who they are, their race, class or political views. The law should never be perverted to oppress political dissidents as it happening more and more in the West these days.

And I am crazy enough to believe that people are basically good. They do bad things out of fear, the fear of poverty, the fear of political oppression, the fear of attack or invasion etc. etc..

If we could all be excellent to eachother these fears would be removed and we would all be free to be excellent to eachother. But where to start? It's like nuclear disarmament. All countries want it but nobody wants to take the risk of being first. This will be the big challenge for the 21st century.

If you are interested I invite you to take a look at my books which are available on Amazon and discussed in more detail on my author website -

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