Welcome to Maverick's Big Adventure
in Denmark

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Maverick's Big Adventure

Come with me as I
visit Denmark in May

Well I suppose it was inevitable. When I took up with a Danish lady I knew sooner or later, I would end up in Denmark and I'm very, very glad that it has proved so.

This is a gorgeous country. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

Whenever one travels abroad it's always good to stay with local people and so it was on this occasion.

Hanne's nice was having her first communion. No, that's not right. I get confused. Catholics have First Communion, Protestants have something else, Confirmation, that's it. I think that's right anyway. No offense intended if I've got it wrong.

So we went and stayed with Hanne's sister and brother-in-law in their magnificent house with a lovely big back garden.

They treated us like royalty so a big, big thank you to Hanne's family.

Now I don't believe in taking the Mickey out of people. Life can be hard enough without that. It's important to respect everybody's religion as long as that religion doesn't want you to hate anybody or be intolerant to those who believe something different. And all nations are unique too. There are some 200 different beautiful, diverse nations in the world and it's their differences that make them all special.

And language is very much tied into that. People's national identity is tied in with their language. So I will never ever take the piss out of anybody else's language or accent.

However, when a highly educated Danish man in a beautiful Danish garden tells me the Danish language sounds like an old fashioned tape recorder with the tape being played through backwards it would be discourteous of me, as a foreigner, to disagree.

Indeed, that is a very apt description of the Danish language. Fortunately, you don't need to learn Danish to get along here. In common with most of Scandinavian, nearly everybody speaks English.

Indeed, one of our funniest moments was when Hanne and I took a taxi in Copenhagen. I said to her, 'you better tell the guy where we're going'.

She said 'Why?'

I said, 'well I don't speak Danish do I?

To which Hanne replied 'no, nor does he'.

Apparently the taxi drivers were Turks and they all spoke much better English than Danish. Incredible!

So follow my journey through this most enjoyable week in this lovely country.



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Fyns Hoved

Fyns Hoved (Funen's Head)
Funen, Denmark,

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