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Pasturefields inland saltmarsh     old salt butty left to rot

The Pasturefields - Britain's inland saltmarsh

The Pasturefields salt marsh is an extremely rare example of an inland salt mash and provides an environment in which a number of halophytic (salt tolerant) plants thrive. Theses include the Lesser Sea Spurrey (Spergularia marina), Saltmarsh Rue, Sea Plantain (Plantago maritima), Sea Arrowgrass (Triglochin maritima) and Sea Milkwort (Glaux maritima).

Although we are a long way from the sea, here in the Midlands, this fascinating site provides an unusual taste of the coastline. Here we have a remnant of the former saltmarshes of the Trent Valley, once exploited for brine extraction. This saltmarsh still has two old brine wells, fed by naturally saline water seeping up from deep underground.

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Old Computer Blues

Are you struggling to process RAW camera files on an old computer? Read on to discover the hack I found.

I made you a promise when I started this blog. I promised you that I was going to be 100% honest. Well the last few years have been difficult for me, I've been struggling a bit.

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Travel the world for free
as a House Sitter

Have you ever thought of becoming a house sitter?

House sitting is a mutually beneficial arrangement between a homeowner and a house sitter which gives the owner the freedom and peace of mind of being able leave the property and pets in the care of a responsible person for an agreed period of time. Are you a responsible person?

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Cotswold Way long distance footpath

The Cotswold Way was officially launched as a national trail on 24th May 2007. So if you want to enjoy great walks and beautiful scenery head for The Cotswolds!

A lazy day. It's pissing with rain and I'm not going anywhere. Just snug and dry in my boat planning my next long distance footpath, later this year (maybe).

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Narrowboats on the Trent & Mersey Canal - Staffordshire

Easter on the Canal

It's a most glorious Easter weekend, 23 degrees, which is damn bloody good for England at Easter.

Gorgeous sunny day, blue skies, a whitethroat singing in the background. What more could a nomad ask for?

Today is the day I restart my blog after an absence of several years. If you want to know why, all about my breakdown and stuff, I refer you to the About section of this website. Today is far far too lovely to dwell on that shit.

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